“Please allow me to introduce myself”

CYNICONOMICS is run by F.F. Wiley and Ginger Snap – professional names for two veterans of the asset management industry. Our blog is based on our portfolio management experience and F.F.’s ongoing research, and motivated by our respective, midlife crises. Most people drive around in convertibles and reinterpret their wedding vows. We made up new names and started the blog. And F.F. has drafted a book, which one day he’ll finish up and publish.




2 Responses to “Please allow me to introduce myself”

  1. Iain Bell says:

    Liked your Fonzie/Ponzie analysis, makes it easy for someone like me to keep up.
    The article entitled “Why the Next Global Financial Crisis Will Be Unlike Any of the Last 200 Years” is scarey! Have you done a similar analysis with military spending included?
    That, I’d like to see….given that the US and UK are both burning cash like there’s no tomorrow on ever more expensive toys, (US drones, UK Trident), there must be a larger pressure on their economies than on less imperialistic countries.

    • ffwiley says:

      Thanks very much, Iain.

      We wanted to keep the ‘Next Global Crisis’ post to a single chart, but we plan to do more with the data in the future including the budget balances without deducting military spending.

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