CYNICONOMICS is run by F.F. Wiley and Ginger Snap – professional names for two veterans of the asset management industry. Our blog is based on our portfolio management experience and F.F.’s ongoing research and motivated by our respective, midlife crises. Most people drive around in convertibles and reinterpret their wedding vows. We made up new names and started the blog. And F.F. has drafted a book, which one day he’ll finish and publish.

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    The editorial team at Investing.com has been following your articles at Financial Sense and we believe your work would be a great fit for our Opinion & Analysis section.

    Our English-language site receives over 16 million page views a month and, over the last two years, grew by over 365%. Over the last 6 months alone, unique page views on our Opinion & Analysis section grew by nearly 20%.

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