You may have noticed we took a big step forward this weekend. We finally learned what Feedburner is and does, which means we now have RSS and e-mail distribution options. They’re on the right under the search box, and you’re welcome to use them if you’d like an occasional helping of cynicism sent your way.

But that’s all that’s new this week, since we won’t publish a new article (put this down to spring break and tax deadlines). Instead, we’ll repost the first six “Deadly Sins” articles with updates, edits and new titles. The idea is to bring them into the same time frame as the final article in the series. We’ll post an article a day starting later today and will finally publish the last “sin” next week.

So check back next week for the final word match answers, or sooner if you want an update on denial, neglect, chicanery, pretense, subterfuge, treachery and hypocrisy.

Thank you for reading CYNICONOMICS.

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